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How We Help You Learn Languages

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How many language apps have you downloaded in the past year? How many of them have you uninstalled during your regular cleanup of unused apps on your phone? How many have you paid for? How many have you used for more than three months? How many are you currently using? How many of these questions have you asked yourself lately? and, how are you doing in your efforts to learn that second language?

There are literally dozens of “language learning methods” out there, seems there’s a new-improved method every few months. From the good old “Grammar-translation” method that gave “grammar school” its original name to the “Total Physical Response”; from the “Audio-lingual” method (originally called the “Army Method”) to “Contextual Teaching and Learning”, and let’s not overlook the good-old “Natural method”, it is actually quite difficult to know which will help you best in learning the language you long to speak.

And the truth is, all of these methods have one thing in common: they offer valuable language-learning experience. Language learners who dabble in more than one of these “methods” find that they can cherry-pick the good and leave the bad and the ugly to one side. Diversity is the spice of life and a great motivation for wanting to learn a new language.


Language learning is about the consistency and quality of hours you interact with the language. The endeavor of learning a new language takes up to 400+ hours or listening to and using 21,000+ words. No worries, at Si · La · Bul, we make language learning as easy as scrolling through your newsfeed— and if you’ve used social media for 5 years or more, you’ve already spent 35 consecutive days on it which is enough to learn 2 new languages! 


You learn additional material from native speakers, you get advice from native tutors, you engage with other like-minded language learners and you take an active part in your language learning adventure. Learning a language is a life-long excursion into communicating with people of another culture, another way of thinking, another way of saying what’s on their minds. The best way to begin that excursion is to take the first step yourself, jump into the SiLaBul community and participate.

Our promise? To help you reach 400 hours of language engagement. 

*Si · La · Bul definition: Flow · ency (noun): the ability to move and flow confidently through a learned language and culture. 


Great Teachers

Less lecturing, more…languaging? Our language teachers are more like guides. They help point you in the right direction, providing you with new information when you’re ready for it. Mess up? No worries, they’ll help you get back on track. No pressure. No grading. 


Fun Videos

It’s like Tik Tok exclusively for language learning. Spanish cooking videos? Tips for living in Marseille? Extra help for the TOEFL test? You name it, we got it… literally! We’re here to create language videos just for you! 


Friendly Community

Think you’re the only one learning Bosnian? Think again! Our community is curated so you can meet other amazing people developing new language skills just like you. Trust us. You’re not the only one butchering the instrumental cases in Russian. 

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