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Tell me a tale: End of Season One

How quickly time flies!

We began our YouTube channel, Tell me a tale back in October of last year. Sarah and I made a video together, telling you a couple of ghost stories, perfect timing, since we had Episode One ready for Halloween!

Since then, we've told a lot of stories on our channel. Haven't seen them yet? Here's a quick list:

S01E01 Ghost tales (Blog and transcript)

S01E02 The Señora Antonia (Blog and transcript)

S01E03 Coffee matters (Blog and transcript)

S01E04 How much? (Blog and transcript)

S01E05 I'd like a cheeseburger (Blog and transcript)

S01E06 Bicycle rules of the road (Blog and transcript)

S01E07 He never washes up! (Blog and transcript)

S01E08 Where's the waterfall? (Blog and transcript)

S01E09 I don't need a new best friend (Blog and transcript)

S01E10 Zambia or bust! (Blog and transcript)

S01E11 Robert's healthy breakfast (Blog and transcript)

S01E12 How many credit cards? (Blog and transcript)

S01E13 Angering border guards (Blog and transcript)

S01E14 Finding the shops (Blog and transcript)

S01E15 Fender bender friends (Blog and transcript)

S01E16 Touched by strangers (Blog and transcript)

S01E17 I can see clearly now (Blog and transcript)

S01E18 Making a list in Glasgow (Blog and transcript)

S01E19 Tastes like chicken (Blog and transcript)

S01E20 Why don't men ask for directions? (Blog and transcript)

Now, we've come to the end of our Season One. But don't worry! We'll be back in April, 2022, with Season Two. It will be full of more stories and we plan on adding some additional videos from our project "Granulated Grammar". Be on the lookout for those!

Like, subscribe, notification bell, all that stuff! Sign up to our blog and get access to the mini-lessons we've prepared for each of these videos! Leave us comments, tell us what you like, what you want more of.

Thanks for watching Tell me a tale. Hope to see you (and your friends!) in April!


Arturo (the bull)

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