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english 911

English 911 is a 4-part webinar series (medical, trauma, police, and fire emergencies) that is available to be licensed out to cities and municipal departments for their immigrant and refugee populations to understand how to use the American EMS 911 system, what to expect during an emergency, and how to prepare to speak with first responders on scene. The package includes translated social media posts and PDF marketing materials, PDF preparation worksheets and subtitled versions of the webinar in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and French. Other translated versions are available upon request. This series is sold as a licensable package to cities for $4,500 for the standard package, and +$1,750 per additional language.

4-Part EMS Webinar Series





     PDF marketing materials for         residents

     PDF translated emergency

     preparation worksheet

Available Languages:





Upcoming Languages






Spanish for
First Responders

Spanish for First Responders is an app created by Spanish language experts and first responders to teach EMTs, firefighters, and paramedics how to communicate with Spanish-speaking residents during emergency medical and trauma calls. The vocabulary and lessons in the app are broken down by the most frequent call type with language barriers based on municipal data. This platform will be sold as a B2B and B2C model— B2B: Companies can purchase employee packages based on the number of licenses & group/individual tutoring needed. Pricing for companies starts at 50 licenses at $1250/month. B2C: Individuals can purchase subscriptions for $15/month.

Customized App to teach first responders:



Firefighter and EMS-based Spanish

App Consists of 4 Emergency Call Types:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Respiratory & Cardiac Problems

Trauma via Assaults

Pregnancy & Pediatric

Call-based Feedback:

If you have a recurring specific call-type that’s not covered in the app

Access to full-length EMS call simulations with various Spanish accents

Customized Solutions through America 180˚

America 180 is an interactive platform for immigrants and refugees in/or entering the workplace who want to improve and enhance their language and cultural skills in their work environment to be able to better relate and understand their native English-speaking colleagues. The interactive platform provides a space to be able to practice their conversational skills, ask questions about American culture and work experiences, and provide a learning space for non native English speakers to better understand American culture. American 180˚ is also available for purchase at $15/month. With more than 70,000 Afghan refugees anticipated, plus the significant numbers of other immigrant and refugees entering the United States every day, a course aimed at providing excellent language education is a necessity for today’s America

Customized language solutions for your teams

Sport organizations - Players & Coach communications

Call centers


Hospitality- Hotels, Cruise ships, Airlines, Tourism Companies

Video-based Interactive platform

Industry-specific language instruction

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Immersive Learning

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Cultural Exposure

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Language Learning

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Habit Forming

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Welcoming Teachers

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Passive Learning

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Engaging Videos

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Real-world Learning

Why Si · La · Bul ?

We believe language is social. Language learning shouldn't be a task you try to tackle on your own. We focus on the social and cultural aspects of learning a language because we want you to feel confident speaking and listening in all the conversations life has to offer. 

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