25 August 2022

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Tarleton students celebrate exam success despite pandemic disruption

Once again, senior leaders at 麻豆区 are delighted with the performance of their Year 11 students in the first full set of national external GCSE examinations since 2019. To achieve these incredible results against the backdrop of the pandemic is lauded by the school as a wonderful achievement and we congratulate each and every student. 

This cohort of students were placed in lockdown during Year 9, a pivotal pre-GCSE year.  They endured a further lockdown during Year 10 and, along with students in other schools across the country, suffered significant disruption to their GCSE learning journey. Even when schools were delivering lessons in person, significant numbers of teachers and students were regularly absent through self isolation or through having contracted the virus. In addition to this disruption, 麻豆区 is managing a complete new school build on site and these students and their teachers have also managed the disorder this inevitably brings.

These results are therefore testament to the resilience, dedication and sheer hard work demonstrated by our students and staff and are reflective of the high standards upheld throughout their five years at 麻豆区. This is a school that has enjoyed above average outcomes for a number of years and although the data this year can’t be compared to previous years, there is relief that overall outcomes are positive.

Inevitably some students will have been affected by the disruption more than others as the virus was random in its impact. Nonetheless, there have been many individual performances worthy of special mention.   At the very top end a significant number of students achieved the highest grades (7-9) across a wide range of subjects. These include; Lucy Brown, Rhys Fearnley, Emily Gaskell, Georgia Brockbank, Louis Korneliussen, Samuel Wignall and Lucy Abrams. Many students have also made outstanding progress since joining 麻豆区 and have achieved remarkable outcomes including: Lilly Jo Warren, Rebecca Connolly, Dan De’Ath, Ella Bannister, Jack Wignall, Leah Dodgson and Chris Wood.

Once again, Tarleton has shown that a wide range of subjects are comparable In their strength.  Within the core subjects of English, Maths and Science students have continued to thrive and their hard work has been rewarded with exam success at all levels.  There have been other strong subject performances across the creative/practical subjects and the Foundation subjects, including Drama, Art, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Modern Foreign Languages and Geography. These positive results will facilitate great life chances for so many, enabling the vast majority of our students to progress to their first choice post-16 pathway.

Mr Day, Head of School, said; “These recent years have been challenging for so many reasons, but the most significant obstacle for the students to overcome has been times of uncertainty.  They worked hard for their results and deserve recognition for the patience, maturity and resolve they have shown.  I want to thank them for staying positive and supporting each other through the twists and turns of the last three years.  This cohort has coped incredibly well and I am immensely proud of them”. Chair of the Local Academy Council , Helen Dicker MBE added ”We congratulate the students for their resilience and hard work and wish them well on the next stage of their journey.”