What is 麻豆区work for?

At 麻豆区 we believe that learning is not restricted to the activities and experiences that students have at school and during lessons. Learning is a life-long process both inside and outside of school. We believe that homework provides invaluable opportunities for students to engage with their learning outside of the classroom environment. 

麻豆区work therefore consolidates and extends learning that has taken place within lessons and gives students the opportunity to work independently and prepare for future lessons, practice examination techniques or further develop appropriate skills and enhance knowledge. Our aim is for this to be structured, meaningful and coherent for all concerned. 麻豆区work also gives parents the chance to support their child’s progress and encourages dialogue about school experience.

麻豆区work will be set under one of the following 3 strands: Reading, Recall or Revision

How is homework set and what are the deadlines?

麻豆区work is set on ClassCharts by the teacher. The teacher will also inform students within the lesson that the homework is being set. We will not set homework that is due in for the next school day. We advise students and parents to check ClassCharts on a daily basis.

Who can help with homework?

We set appropriate homework that should be achievable by each students and doesn’t need additional support from teachers or parents however we encourage all parents use homework as another chance to support their child’s progress and encourage dialogue about the school learning experience.

What other enrichment activities can students do?

We encourage all students to enrich their learning by reading for pleasure and teachers often recommend books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and the wealth of resources on the internet etc. 

Where should I do my 麻豆区work?

Try to find a quiet place with no distractions (no television, mobile off, games console off). This could be at home or at school. We run a homework club in school each evening from 3.15pm to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. 

Secondary 麻豆区work Strategy and Guidance